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    Brussels South Logistic

                          Warehouse: 5000 m² in the heart of Walloon Brabant, in Louvain la neuve. Unloading dock, small vehicle area Stacker, Clarck, wrapper, processing area, packaging 
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    Last Miles Delivery 

    Ekiris, with Brussels South Logistics, offers you to carry out your deliveries and returns within a well-defined scope.
    The advantage of this process is our specialization and flexibility;

    - Our salaried drivers know the region by heart

    - The vehicles are low
    pollution or electric vehicles

    - Flexible and precise delivery time range

    - Simple price list

    - Unbeatable price

    - Easy return management.
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    Long of Short time Storage

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    Unload and reload services

    As proffessional of transport you sometimes needs place to load or unload you truks to optimise your trip. 
    We propose you to Unload your driver and to reload him or one of his colleague.  We can store the goods for a short time, we can repack it if needed.